Undelete Trash Mac : How to Recover Document from Trash

People love to store those files which are very important to them. But sometimes they end up accidentally deleting their files and keep on thinking how to recover them. Well there is no need to worry as there is a high possibility of retrieving those files if you store a regular backup of the lost files. Those documents which gets deleted from the Mac does not gets deleted forever. The space only becomes available for storing new data. Data once deleted from the Mac get stored in the trash. It can easily be retrieved if you restore data from it.

But sometimes a situation arises when documents gets deleted from the trash too. There is a still chance of recovery as any data deleted from trash still remains in its hard drive. You can easily recovers those documents by using a relevant recovery tool. But before that follow some of the steps given below to prevent your files from permanently getting deleted.

  • Immediately turn off your device
  • Do not save any new file in it
  • Remove all the external media from the device

Hence after following the above mentioned steps a question arises “how to undelete trash Mac”? This problem can easily be solved by using a effective Mac data recovery tool.

How to Recover your Document from the Trash

Mac data recovery software works effectively in retrieving any deleted document no matter whatever be the reason for data loss would be. It scans the specified drive or the entire computer system and displays the deleted data. After displaying the content it allows user to select the data or files to be recovered. Then it locates the recovered data in the specified destination as per user choice. Thus Mac data recovery software is the best recovery tool and retrieves any type of data in its original form. Hence it is supported to be fastest way of data recovery to undelete trash Mac without having backup. The Mac data recovery software also supports recovery of files from other device such as memory card, cell phone, digital camera etc. Besides recovering documents files it also restores other files such as videos, songs, photos, pictures etc. Moreover it is compatible with latest Mac version such as Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard etc.

User Guide: How to Use Mac Data Recovery Software

You can easily use Mac data recovery software to retrieve your files from trash:

Step 1: Download and install Mac data recovery software. Start the software from the shortcut icon present on the desktop.

Step 2: Give the location from where you need to recover your erased data.

Step 3: Select the file types.

Step 4: Click on the scan button and scan the entire files and folder to retrieve your deleted data from it.

Step 5: When scanning process completes over, the software displays preview of the selected erased files. Lastly it safely restores the files in your desired location.


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